Brave New World Day 1

    Hi! This is the first of the devotionals to go along with our Brave New World series. Each day you will find a scripture to read, a few thoughts on the verse or passage, some questions to answer, and a challenge. Take time to think through the questions and journal your answers. Our prayer is that you will be encouraged and experience growth as God uses you the change things around you.

Day One: Togetherness

  • Read Acts 2:1 – When the day of Pentecost arrived, they were all together in one place. (ESV)

It isn’t often we can look at one verse, just a few simple words, and glean so much. But Luke wrote these words with purpose: When the day of Pentecost arrived, they were all together in one place. There is no intended metaphor here but a simple straightforward fact. The disciples were together. Even though they had dispersed at Jesus’ crucifixion, they found their way back together to first return to fishing, then to see their risen Savior, and now to celebrate together. they were also in one place.
When dwelling on this verse I think of how families behave when they gather together after time apart. When the family is healthy, they come together as if no time has passed, laughing together, sharing memories, and making new ones. The disciples had spent three years together traveling the countryside, ministering and learning together. They were scattered after Jesus’ crucifixion, but they knew who they could trust. They knew who their family was. These were the people they returned to. These were the people who were safe. They were of one mind. This blended family would soon become the leaders of the church, the cultural shift that would turn the world upside down. This they did together. And it all started in this one place…a small room in a house somewhere in Jerusalem. Eleven men together in one place.

• What does this verse illustrate about the importance of gathering as a group to receive God’s word?
• Do significant spiritual experiences only occur when we gather together in church on Sunday?
• Make a list of people you know who need more than a Sunday morning encounter. Begin to pray for them and encourage them to add to their experience by doing a LifeGroup, a discipleship group, or a Bible study