Exhilarating Faith

     Have you ever gone to seat yourself only to find that some practical joker has removed the chair from under your posterior without your knowledge, so instead of resting comfortably on a trusted cushion you are instead tumbling to the floor? While onlookers surely find the whole thing hilarious, you are embarrassed and ready to find a place to hide or a face to punch. If you’ve experienced this, I want you to think hard about it. There is a brief moment when you go from standing to sitting that you let yourself go into free-fall. Your legs no longer are supporting your squatted posture and you let yourself go for a centimeter or so to the chair. We hardly even notice this or think about it unless the chair is gone. Then there is brief moment of exhilaration before the crash occurs. One way to feel that exhilaration without hitting the ground is to try sitting in a toddler chair. The seat is not as high as you are expecting so there is a little farther to fall, so there is a moment of panic before you find your resting place.

     We trust our chairs. We trust them to be behind us, to catch us, to hold us up as we go about our resting activities. When they give out on us, it’s usually, in my experience, a quick and frightful drop followed by the stages of grief: denial, blame, anger, guilt, and finally acceptance.

     Trusting a chair is a lot like living. We go about our days getting in cars, eating food, interacting with folks and we never think about the unthinkable happening (duh!). But sometimes the chair gives out, so to speak. We have a car accident. We lose a job. We lose a loved one. Something in our life just doesn’t pan out like we want. There is a brief exhilarating moment followed by a proverbial crash to the floor. I want you to think about that fleeting moment of exhilaration. There is fear, excitement, a loss of control and raised heart rate. For most of us that is the most exciting moment of our entire day. Please realize that moment is always there for us. That brief moment when nothing is holding us up happens every time we sit down, but it is our trust in the chair that keeps us in check.

     It’s the same thing as trusting God. When we step out in faith we are in that moment of exhilaration. Getting up earlier to pray and read Scripture. Giving our tithe even though we can’t make the numbers work. Speaking to an estranged friend for forgiveness. Forgiving a friend turned enemy. Joining a LifeGroup and getting to know some new people. Following Jesus to a foreign country to share the gospel. Each of these things and more requires faith and trust in the God who created us. Some of them we are so used to doing that the moment of exhilaration isn’t even noticed. Other things are so new to us that we avoid them because we know what the fear of falling feels like and we are not quite ready to trust that God will catch us.

     Hear me, though: that is where the abundant life is lived. Right there in that exhilarating moment of stepping out and being caught. Whether it is a short fall or a long fall, that place where we can meet terminal velocity as we plummet toward our loving Father is where he wants us. That is faith. That is living and living abundantly. But it takes trust in God. And if we can trust a plastic chair to hold us up, can’t we trust a big big God to catch us and hold us as well?

     I’d love to hear some of your experiences when trusting God brought some exhilaration to your life as you stepped out on faith. Please hop onto Pinnacle's Facebook group and share with us. Our testimonies encourage, uplift, and inspire one another. Just click here and have a blessed day! ~Justin