Related Together


I woke up this morning thinking how blessed I am to have such a great family. A few weeks ago was Mother’s Day and my son’s birthday. We had a great time celebrating both occasions together, but I couldn’t help being a little upset Sunday morning. You see our family sort of adopted a girl a couple of years ago. She came to live with us when her family wasn’t safe. She has since moved on, but she still holds a special place in my heart. I consider her one of my children, and I was disappointed because I hadn’t heard from her in awhile. I don’t know if I expected her to call and wish me a happy mother’s day or not. I mean I’m not really her mother. To my surprise, she called me later in the afternoon and we had a great conversation. That got me to thinking that she didn’t have to call me. We aren’t really family… or are we? What does “family” mean anyway? I looked up the word “family” in Webster’s dictionary. It said family is a group of people related to one another. Don’t you just hate it when a question leads to another question? Ok, so what does “related” mean? The Webster’s definition of related is a group of people connected in some way. Now that is a thought. Aren’t all of us connected in some way? In fact, aren’t all of us connected in several ways? Jesus showed us what family means. In his last moments on the cross, Jesus told his mother, Mary, to take John as her son and told his disciple, John, to take Mary as his mother. Obviously they were not related by birth or marriage. However, they were related in their love for Jesus just as we are related in our love for Jesus. John understood what Jesus was telling him on the cross, and he explains it to us in 1 John 3. John tells all believers what marvelous love the Father has extended to us! Just look at it—we’re called children of God! That’s who we really are. So, now that we understand who we are, what do we do? I think we do what all healthy families do. We do TOGETHER! We pray together. We play together. We praise together, and we pursue others together. In everything we do, let’s do it together! I have always wanted a big family, and wow, do I have a big family. Thanks for being a part of it! – Tara