Get Connected


One of my all time favorite movies is the 1982 film Tron. In the film Kevin Flynn, an arcade legend, is called to help battle against the Master Control Program (MCP). As in all hero films he saves the day, but the cool thing about Kevin Flynn is that he wanted to find a way to connect the real world with digital world, aka “The Grid”.

My goal as creative director isn’t much different from Flynn’s. I seek and desire to help you all connect mot with the digital world, but with heaven and its MCP, Jesus.

Using social media, our Pinnacle app, our website, etc. I seek to present Jesus to you in a way that is both relevant and informative. Staying connected is a vital part of life and what a better way to stay connected than by involving Christ.

Our phones are always with us and so is Jesus. When you combine the two you get something unbelievable. My prayer is that this post brings you peace about technology, and how God can reach you in any way possible.

– Shawn