At Pinnacle, it's not about fitting in.

Frankly, Jesus never fit in with the religious or political establishment. He did the unexpected. We never do what you'd expect a church to do on Sunday morning. Then again, you'd probably never expect to leave a church wishing that the service would have lasted longer. 

Saturday and Sunday at Pinnacle is not about seeing if you can "fit in" with the way "the church" does things. It's about two! You and God. Pinnacle is a community made up of real people who use their passion and creativity to make our weekend experience real, relational and relevant. You'll enjoy a casual atmosphere, hear great live music by the Pinnacle Band, experience life lessons in creative means and receive a conversational message aimed at providing real tools for living a real life. You will be pleased when you see your kids actually having fun... even in the service!

At Pinnacle Community Church we thrive on innovation because we enjoy helping all kinds of people say "yes" to God. To find out more about Pinnacle,contact us by email or just keep checking out our web site. We look forward to you becoming a part of our community.

The Meeting Place for Pinnacle and Friends is: 7200 Arden Road.


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